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DUOTONE Cruise - St. Martin

Discover Saint Martin and its surroundings on a kitesurfing cruise!

The kitesurfing cruise of your dreams The journey

Discover Saint Martin and its surroundings on a kitesurfing cruise!

There, the trade winds are constant 18 to 25 knots from November to July. You can enjoy splendid spots all around the islands of Saint Martin, Tintamarre, Anguilla and Saint Barthelemy. Its beaches, lagoons, and spots open to all levels and its quality of life will amaze you during your stay!

These 4 main islands have a particularity. They are very close. This makes it possible to go from spot to spot and to enjoy the better weather conditions for kitesurfing and foiling. We also offer you the possibility to discover inaccessible islands as Tintamarre or Preakly Pears à Anguilla.

Our cruise is available for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with a certified kitesurfing instructor on board your kitesurfing cruising catamaran. In collaboration with DUOTONEyou will discover a preview of the wingss, the boardss, the foils.... of the brand. No excuses about the material, it is new and high quality. Nothing better for kitesurfer like a pro.

Regarding the boat, our fleet consists of 7 cruise ship. It will be chosen according to the number of people and its availability.

As you can see, this is an opportunity to sailing alone or with your friends in these places unique in the world.

Below: as an example, we have posted a superb kitesurfing cruise This type of cruise includes the best spots in Saint Martin, Anguilla, Tintamarre and Saint Barthelemy. The cruise is 100% adaptable and modidifiable according to your desires and the requirements of your stay. Contact Mrs Solenne, our cruise expert!


Best time to visit The perfect months


Known for its warm and sunny climate all year round. The best conditions for kitesurfing are between December and March, when the winds are strongest and most stable. However, it is still possible to kitesurf in St. Martin all year round thanks to its warm and calm waters.

The boat Sailboat or catamaran

We have a small fleet of 7 cruise ships for your kitesurfing trip:

  • Fountaine Pajot ISLA 40

The proud successor to the Lucia 40, this new 12-metre sailing catamaran perfectly embodies the spirit and innovative design of Fountaine Pajot. Like its big brothers, the Isla 40 is distinguished by its elegant and invigorating line, recognisable among all.
The cabins are spacious, bright and each has a private bathroom.

  • Lagoon 450 F

The Lagoon 450 F is a latest generation cruising catamaran with a remarkable design. Best-seller, this multihull seduces by its look eleganceThis is an indication of the need for quality.

Stability, manoeuvrability, speed and comfort are its strong points. With an interior atmosphere and comfortable, spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms private.

You can also find the:

  • Lagoon 560
  • Lagoon 40
  • Lagoon 42
  • Lagoon 46
  • Leopard 46

Find out more about our boats, contact us !

Logbook Programme of your cruise

This is the day you arrive, this is where it all starts! After a refreshing drink, we cast off towards the Orient Bay spotlight for a first kitesurfing session the next day. It's a spot relatively close to our starting point, so you can get straight into the swing of things. Before spending a good night's sleep, we will spend some time together over an aperitif and dinner on board the boat.

Located from Atlantic side of St MartinIt is a spot that is over 4 km long! It offers a perfect distance for all freeriderss, the freestylers and the foilers. The spot is flat and shallow for most places withturquoise water. When the trade winds are stronger, you can quickly find some jumping ramps. This spot is excellent for all levels. You will love it for its safety and ideal conditions.

Located not far from the previous spot, it offers you a lagoon ideal for all levels. The water is translucent. You can sailing with turtles and tropical fish of all colours! For the more experienced, you will enjoy riding the waves at the exit of the lagoon and making some jumps.

This island is surrounded by a large lagoon and white sand beaches. Ideal for a festive evening, this green island is not the best for the kitesurfing. The spot du grand Gallion will offer you lighter winds and flat sailing conditions.

The Gaillon will offer you a many possibilities for all levels.
For beginners and freeriders of all levels, this will be ideal for kitesurfer on the bay. With a translucent and shallow lagoon, this bay ensures a some security.

On the other side of the kitesurfing spotyou will be able to access a reef which will allow you to have fun in waves. This is the ideal place to try your hand at straplessa different style of navigation.
A real atmosphere "sliding sportYou can find the "best of the best" in the local bars and restaurants, and the "best of the best" in the world.

Be prepared for a privileged kite day ! The spot of the island is very little frequented. The opportunity for you to have fun in a magnificent lagoon and in waves which are located at the bottom. freestylers and the foilers will love this spot.

This island is still very much intact. It is definitely worth a visit.

The island of Anguilla is located in north of the island of Saint Martin. It offers you a wide variety of kitesurfing spots. Depending on the conditions and the wind strength, you can enjoy this quiet place with beautiful scenery. kitesurfing spots are for all levels and all types of practice in a small area.

It is one of the only spots on the west coast of the island. You can enjoy this bay with beautiful colours as soon as the wind is from the north-east. The freeriders and foilers will love it despite the fact that the wind conditions are rarer than on other spots.

After countless kitesurfing sessions and discoveriesWe will disembark at the port of Marigot. Because yes, all good things must come to an end. You will go home with pictures of this kitesurfing adventure head full of them.

Packages & prices on estimate according to the number of people

Kitesurf & foil cruise in and around Saint-Martin

  • 10 day cruise
  • Visit to the large islands of St. Martin, Tintamarre, Anguilla and St. Barthelemy
  • Full board
  • For all levels
  • Kitesurfing and Foil
  • DUOTONE equipment included

10 days / 9 nights

Our opinion The 360° Travel print

Dream cruise in the Caribbean, book well in advance to get a nice slot and itinerary.

The options on site are quite comprehensive with wing foil, kite surf and kite foil!

You'll like :

  • The many kite spots
  • The possibility of foiling
  • Requirements for all levels

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