Kite cruises in the Red Sea

07 January 2023 | Africa

The kitesurfing in the Red Sea is popular because it offers ideal wind conditions for the practice of this sport. The winds are generally strong and regularwith low waves, which makes it an ideal place for beginners and intermediate riders. There are many kitesurfing spots along the Egyptian Red Sea coast, including Hurghada, Soma Bay and El Gouna.

This intercontinental sea is known for its warm climateand its clear waters and constant winds, which makes it a the perfect destination for kitesurfing. Kite cruises are usually held on a sailing boat or a catamaran and offer the possibility to explore different kitesurfing spots along the coast and offshore.

This is why the kiteboarding cruises in the Red Sea is increasingly emerging. They provide an escape from the crowds and an exciting and unique way to discover this sportas well as the beautiful and varied landscapes of the region.
One of the main advantages of this type of trip is the possibility of visiting different places during the stay. The Red Sea offers aariety of kitesurfing spotseach with its own characteristics. These spots offer a mix of lagoons and waveswhich makes them suitable for beginners and advanced kiteboarders.

Another advantage is the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors. Our kitesurfing cruises are led by IKO certified instructors who can give you lessons and advice to help you improve your skills. They can also help you navigate the different spots and kitesurfing conditions.

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In addition, it is also the possibility ofexploring culture and the history of the region. A few stops at historical sites and towns can be made. This can add an extra touch of adventure and cultural immersion to your kitetrip.

Overall, kite cruises in the Red Sea offer a singular way to discover or improve your kitesurfing skills. It is also an opportunity for you to landscape and create unique memories !



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